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Its a feeling that u cant miss and it burns a hole through everyone who feels it

Yeah, if you havent noticed, you stabbed me to death!

This lust to my brain almost feels like a gun
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i wanana fuck a dog in the ass- he wants to fuk a dog in the ass - i wanna fuck a dog - thats rite kids- I tried to fuk ur mom in the ass, ur dad in the ass, i only found the dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

R.I.P blink182
o and Kurt Cobain ofcourse

I accept that I will never look like a model.
I accept my girlish curves, my soft,feminie, my subtle mound of a stomach, my strong legs...
I accept that the number on the scale does not equate my self worth.
And most of all, I accept and affirm that I am worthy of fixing...

Adopt Your Own Emo Kid!

I am your average lazy rocker. I'm also a secret teen CIA agent. (With a Alias of a regular kid.) I love Guitars, playing around in my room making up tabs.....I live in a place where NOBODY KNOWS ABOUT and where there little green people that give me goldfishes(the snack that smiles back) and tell me i have to follow wat ever my rice kirspies tell me to do.

A WORD FROM SMART UNSLUTTY ABRACROMBIE HATERS LIKE ME- if abercrombie decide that breathing wasnt kOOl...then 1/2 the teenage population would die in minute. A WORD FROM ME- ofcourse the stupid bimbo half of the teenage population would die, my opinion = good thig!

Dont Judge me on how i look, judge me for who I am. If you can not see me for me, and not like me for me, and only see me for my skin....then well.. get out of my life bitch!

Favorite stores : Pacsun (pacific sunwear) Hot topic......uhhhh STARBUCKS! MOCHA FRAPAChINO GRANDE PLZ! lol
Favorite songs: paper heart and swing swing ~ all american rejects.....why dont you and I ~ Santana Scar tissue ~ red hot chilli peppers Vermillion part 2 ~ slipknot (many more, cant think rite now)

Name: Audrey
Age: 12
Crushes: *day dream*.............................huh?
Label: Rocker, well i usually dont like labels but if i had to choose...it would be rocker
number of Issues: all 104 issues. counted them myself!
Best subject: Literature
Worst subject: Math
Quote: sometimes the person u love is the person u most fear.

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aint i perrrrtty!

a p p e a r a n c e
height: 5'3
hair color: brown
skin color: white
eye color: blue
piercings: two
tattoos: zero

r i g h t n o w
what makeup are you wearing?: eyeliner
what song are you listening to?: Paper Heart - all american rejects
what taste is in your mouth?: coffee

d o y o u
get motion sickness?: nope
have a bad habit?: uhhh i dont think so
How about a nervous habit?: ya....its when i get shy/ boy nerveous

f a v o r i t e s
book: Secrets
non alcoholic drink: Diet Coke (all i drink)
something to do on the weekend: the occasional sleeping and partying

h a v e y o u
broken the law: probbaly
done drugs: pixie sticks!!!
made a prank phone call: yes!
skipped school before: not intentially
been in a school or church play: yes

l o v e
current crush: Tancredi
been in love: yes
had your heart broken: most of the time
Broken someone elses heart: dont think so
had a hard time getting over someone: not yet....

r a n d o m
what makes you happy? friends, guys, etc.
Nothing says love like: a deep conversation

w h e n / w h a t w a s t h e l a s t..
time you cried: yesterday, when seeing The Notebook
you got e-mail: today
thing you purchased: 3 days ago
movie you watched: The Ring 2

y o u r t h o u g h t s o n
teenage smoking: there are better ways to die
dreams: i wish they came true......

f a v o r i t e
[COLOR]: black and blue
[CLOTHING BRAND:] band shirts, element, stuff at pacsun and hot topic
[SHOE BRAND:] converse every day
[SPORT TO PLAY:] softball, the ocassional football games in my neighborhood
[DRINK:] diet coke
[ANIMAL:] doggys
[HOLIDAY:] any time we dont have school
[MUSIC TYPE(s):] rock, indie rock, alternative rock

w h o
[makes you laugh the most?]: my friends
[makes you smile]: when having conversations with Tank
[has a crush on you?]: i hope tancredi......
[easiest to talk to]: friends..... and Tancredi who is a friend

[save aol/aim conversations]: lol im a nerd.. yeah
[wish you were a member of the opposite sex]: sometimes when they dont let me play sports with them....and because they get to take off there shirts withought exposing huge tits.

[fallen for your guy friend]: yeah
[been rejected]: yeah
[rejected someone}: yeah
[been cheated on] : nope
[done something you regret]: yeah, telling tank i like him

[you talked to on the phone]: India
[hugged]: My Dad
[you instant messaged]: India and Tank
[you saw]: My bros

D O Y O U / / A R E Y O U
[smoke cigarettes]: nope
[how many peeps are on your buddylist?]: 72
[what's your favorite food?]: SUSHI!
[drink alcohol?]: nawwww- i sometimes pretend that sprite is alchohol....im usually the stoned drunk at Partys
[like watching sunrises or sunset]: yes =]
[what hurts the most?]: reality
[trust others way too easily?]: ya

[of drugs taken illegally?]: zero
[of tight friends?]: a few
[of cd's that I own?:] not alot...i use my laptop
[of scars on my body ?]: 11

[MARRY PERFECT FRIEND OR PERFECT LOVER]: he has to be a friend and a lover....
[CATS OR DOGS]: dogs
[1 PILLOW OR 2]: 1
[W/ OR W/O ICE CUBES]: with
[NIGHT OR DAY:] night
[MTV OR VH1:] Vh1
[LOVE OR LUST:] love
[DIAMONDS OR PEARLS:] uhhhh i dont reely care

[Move anywhere:] Italy, Rome, France, or .....uhhh...
[Meet one famous person dead or alive:] KURT COBAIN!!!!
[Live with one person the rest of your life:] yes i would love that, to bad im too dam ugly
[Name one thing you love:] uhhh besides Tancredi?
[Name one thing that embarrasses you:] when i give away my heart, and the guy pushes it back with scars all over it.
[Do you like school?] yeah (the boiz haha)
[Do you like to talk on the telephone?] yep...i love having conversations with ppls
[Do you sing in the shower?] sometimes....not latly...

if u wanna know more about me.......looky here..

What time are you starting this?: 9:37
Name?: Audrey
Nicknames?: Aud (odd), dwey ( plz dont call me that..only malcom and azura do), audy (my mom calls me that so..no!)
Date of birth?: November 29
Sex?: Female
Height?: 5'3
Eye color?: blue
Where were you born?: miami
Number of candles on your last birthday cake?: 12
Pets?: 1 dog,
Hair color?: brown
Piercings?:2, 1 in each ear
Town you live in?: miami
Favorite foods?: Sushi...and anything italian or Japenese
Ever been to Africa?: nope
Been toilet papering?: hehehehe shhh
Love someone so much it made you cry?: yep...and its sad and pathetic.....
Been in a car accident?: yeah
Croutons or bacon bits?: none
Favorite day of the week?: Friday, Saturday, Sunday....
Favorite resturant?: hard to decide....uhh...
Favorite flower?: roses,,,i luv roses sooo much
Favorite sport to watch?: soccer (sometimes) baseball (my sport baby! Loud like a cuban!)
Favorite drink?: diet coke
Favorite ice cream flavor?: chocolate or vanilla is fine with me
Warner Bros. or Disney?: warner Bros.
Favorite fast food restuarant?: *gag*
Carpet color in your bedroom?: dont have carpet..
How many times did you fail your driver's test?:havent had it yet, but i can drive a golf cart?=D
Whom did you get your last email from?: Live Journal..
Which store would you choose to max out your credit card?: PacSun or Hottopic
What do you do most often when you are bored?: write poems, play Zelda on super nintendo...or xbox
Most annoying thing to say to me?: w/e, yahuh
Bedtime?: duhno haha
Favorite TV show?: CSI Las Vegas, smallville, one tree hill, music videos on mtv and fuse, o and INUYASHA OFCOURSE!
Been out of country?: nope
Believe in magic?: yep
What are you listening to right now?: paper heart and scar tisse
Have you ever failed a grade?: no haha!
Do you have a crush on someone?: yes....
Do you have a bf/gf?: no... i wish
If so, what is their name?: n/a
How long have you been together?: n/a
What are you wearing right now?: a towel
Would you have sex before marriage?: HELL YEAH
Are you a virgin?: it deppends..
Do you smoke?: no
Do you drink?: somtimes
Are you ghetto?: hellz no mami
Are you a player?:nope..
Do you have any birthmarks?: yeah
Have you ever gotten your ass kicked?: yeah by my bro
Who do you talk to most on the phone?: India
Have you ever been slapped?: yep i got in a cat fight and won!
Do you get online a lot?: yepperz
Are you shy or outgoing?: i can be both,,,mostly outgoing
Do you shower?: most of the time
Do you hate school?:kinda
Do you have a social life?: yeah, duh?
How easily do you tust people?: pretty easy, and i cnt say no when ppl ask 4 favors
Do you have a secret that people would be surprised knowing?: yeah
Would you ever sky dive?: NOOO
Do you like to dance?: love it
Have you ever been out of state?: hahaha yes..
Do you like to travel?: ya
Have you ever been expelled from school?: never
Have you ever been suspended from school?: almost
Do you want to get out of your hometown?: ya
Are you spoiled?: ya...lol...but im not a brat...or snobby...i just would say im spoiled witha great life
Are you a brat?: no
Have you ever been dumped?: no
Have you ever gotten high?: ....hehe im the stoner at partys....how dare u ask that question
Do you like snapple?: no
Do you drink a lot of water?: i guess
What toothpaste do you use?: i dunno...i dont care...some minty shit
Do you have a cell phone?: yea
Do you have a curfew?: depends on where i'm going and who i'm with
Have you ever been to Six Flags or Cedar Point?: six flags
What do you want pierced?: toungue....cause its fun lol and more on ear
Do you have a tan?: not anymore!!!! im white trash now....waaahhh
Do you get annoyed easily?: very easily
Do you have your own pool?: yep
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: boxers
Do you have any siblings?: 1 sister, and 2 bros..
Do you get along with your parents?: ya sometimes
How do you vent your anger?: poetry...and singing to songs i relate to...and cry in my pillow
Have you ever ran away?: when i was little i would pack my bag filled with apples and clothes and tell my mom i was running
Have you ever been fired from a job?: no
Do you even have a job?:only during the summer
Do you daydream a lot?: yes...very
What do you want a tattoo of?: rose...or the person i marry (his name in words)
What do you have a tattoo of?: n/a
Are you rude?: no
What was the last compliment you recieved?: Tancredi telling azura i was a cool person
Are you flexiable?: sort of
Could you ever be a vegetarian?: i was for 6 months straight
Describe your looks?: uhm im average height..130 pounds..(curvey) brown hair....HOT, lmao
If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?: I wouldnt completely die it...i would die it red on the ends of my hair
Would you ever date someone younger than you?: im not reely sure
Would you ever date someone older than you?: yes...-sighs- Tancredi
When was the last time you were drunk?: Danielis party...
How many rings until you answer the phone?: whenever i get there
Have you ever been skinny dipping?: ya
If yes, when was the last time?: last summer
Do you cry a lot?: ya
Do you ever cry to get your way?: no
Are you the romantic type?: ya
Have you ever been chased by cops?: no
When did you have your first crush?: crush : first grade actually loved somebody : now
When was the last time you threw up?: b4 the 6th grade trip
In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?: brunettes baby! lol doesnt reely matter though
Do you ever wear shirts do show your belly?: not really
What about cleavage?: no...
Is your best friend a virgin?: yes
What size shoe do you wear?: 8
What is your screen name on AIM?: madpunk911
How are you feeling right now?: daydreamy
Have you ever given a lapdance?: yeah....during the 6th grade trip...my roomies dared me to give a lap dance to the chair...i was pretty good lol
Have you ever recieved one?: no
Has there ever been a rumor spread about you?: yea
Would you marry for money?: no
What do you drive?: a bike
Are you more of a mommys or daddys child?: daddy
When was the last time you cried in school?: never....but i cried at Danielis party
Would you ever hook up with the same sex?: no
What kind of music do you like?: indie rock, punk, emo
Would you ever bungee jump?: sure
What is your worst fear?: reality and heights
Would you ever join the army?: no
Do you like cows?: yea i MOO them
If you were to die today, what would you do?: Try to Call Tancredi to confess everything
If you had one last word to say to someone before you die, what would it be?: i love you....so much...ill miss you....
Do you like to party?: yea baby
Hearts or broken hearts?: im a broken heart so....
Moons or stars?: moons
Coke or pepsi?: coke
Favorite scent?: rosemary and Jasmine
Would you ever dye your hair red?: only my ends
How many languages can you speak?: 1 the special language of oooka dooks
What time are you finishing this?: 10:00

1% : what color are your eyes? blue
2% : what color were they when you were born? green
3% : what color are your lashes? black
4% : do you have bigger pupils than others or smaller? they change
5% : have you ever counted the number of times you blink in a second?ya
6% : do you wear contacts? nope
7% : do you wear glasses? im suppose to...but i dont
8% : did you ever have eye surgery? nope
9% : what was the last thing that poked you in the eye? eyeliner pencil
10% : can you touch your eyes without finching or does it just gross you out? without finching
11% : how often do you look into people's eyes when you talk? only when i flirt
12% : what's your favorite eye color?: hazel, blue, green
13% : do you ever just go up to someone and look into their eyes because you want to know their eye color? i want to but i cant
14% : do you wear sunglasses often? not really
15% : what eye color do you wish you had? green...but this eye color is ok
16% : can you cross your eyes? yep
17% : do you roll your eyes constantly? when im really annoyed
18% : what's your favorite color? black
19% : what's the prettiest season and why? ugh i dunno...i like summer
20% : who's the hottest or cutest person you ever saw? Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, Bekcham, and Tancredi
21% : what was the last thing you read (bookwise) uhhhhhhh does skate zines count?
22% : who was the last person you wanted to see? Tancredi
23% : what was the last thing you watched on tv? music videos on fuse
24% : do you read the newspaper much? nooooo
25% : do you read magazines much? yep
26% : do you read much in general? yep
27% : what's the first thing you see if you look over and past your computer screen? "Touch and DIe"
28% : did you ever see it hailing? yyyyyeah
29% : don't you hate it when you have sleep in your eyes (like the crusty crap)? dont care reely
30% : close your eyes. (after you read the whole question, dumbie) are there lights still in your lids in with the dark? yeah
31% : can you sleep with a light on? no
32% : how light is it outside? its not
33% : can you roll your eyes into the back of your head? ya
»» ears
1% : do you like your ears? yea
2% : do have them pierced? yea
3% : how many times? one in each ear.
4% : what's your favorite sound? it would be Tancredi's voice....but...
5% : what's the worst noise in the world? nails on a chalk board..
6% : are you listening to any music? all american rejects <3
7% : what do you hear around you? music and zelda game noise
8% : what's your favorite song? PAPER HEART!!!
9% : can you wiggle your ears? no
10% : when was the last time you stuck your fingers in your ears so you couldn't hear something and why? this morning, when i was annoying my bro
11% : do your ears have attached lopes or unattached? Unatached
12% : do your ears get red when your embarassed or any other emotion roars through your body? nope
13% : what was the last thing someone said to you? "hurry back"
14% : is it annoying to get that ringing noise in there? ahh i dispise that! I makes me feel as though im going insane
15% : do you hear voices? somtimes..
16% : what was the last thing you heard that you rather didn't? My mom saying "blow job"
17% : what was the last thing you wanted to hear, but never heard it? Tancredis voice
18% : what was the last piece of advice you were given? to go and meet tancredi
19% : did you ever put a rubber band around your ear? lol no
20% : go and open the door to outside and what's the first thing you hear? my babys barking
»» mouth
1% : do you ever stop talking? yep
2% : who did you talk to last? India.....
3% : what was the last thing you said? "i love tancredi...hehe"
4% : did you brush your teeth today? yepp!
5% : how many times do you usually? uhhh once .....lol i forget sometimes
6% : who are you talking with now? no one....im taking this quiz
7% : who do you wish you were talking to? Tancredi
8% : who was the last person to call you? Aaron and Speiglemen
9% : who was the last person you called? Travis, Aaron, India
10% : who was the last person to IM you? India
11% : who was the last person you IMed? India
12% : do you talk to yourself? rarely..
13% : do you mind? not at all baby
14% : whats the stupidest thing you said in the past 48 hours? Tancredi will look depper than my skin when we meet.
15% : do you sing? psff...
16% : do you sing in the shower? when im in a good mood
17% : do you sing in public? not reely
18% : do you hum or sing while walking down the halls? (applies to students) yyyyyyeah
19% : are you outspoken? depends
20% : are you opinionated? very
21% : do you speak your mind? yep more than I should
22% : how often do people tell you to shut up, jokingly or not? not that often
23% : are you a public speaker type? ya, i have alot of experiance too..
24% : do you stutter? sometimes when Im nervous or hav nothing to say infront of boys
25% : how many languages do you speak? English
26% : how often do you scream? often <3
27% : are you loud or quiet? depends I can be both
28% : does your mouth reflect your personality on the inside? yep...wait...my lips are sexy...lol but ya what comes out of my mouth as in what i say...is all in the inside.
29% : who has the coolest/sweetest voice? uhhhhh i dunno
30% : how do you get your voice heard and ideas out? i yell!
31% : do you often write letters? naw
32% : what was the last song you sung to? paper heart
33% : what's your usual greeting to a friend? yo yo yo ho, or hey
34% : what's your usual greeting to an adult? hello
35% : what's your usually greeting on the phone? yooo
36% : what's your favorite food? sushi
37% : what's your favorite gum? bubilicious
38% : what's your favortie word? fucker, friken, shit
39% : what's your favorite drink? diet coke
40% : is your tongue pierced? i wish
41% : do you like tongue piercings? ya, it makes making out fun...or funner...lol
42% : how about lip piercings? only on Emo guys not me
43% : ever have braces, how long? yea,have em now..for 3 yrs so far
44% : do you have a retainer, for how long? ya...i use to...for about half a year
45% : can you curl your tongue? yep, i cna do AVYTHING with my tounge ;)
46% : can you whistle, on inhale or exhale? I can do all!
47% : do you grind your teeth?no
48% : did you have your first kiss yet and with who? Yeah with this reely cool dude...and yes braces did get in the way, but he said he enjoyed my braces lol
49% : did you ever french? well with this one guy
50% : how many people have you ever kissed, cheek or lips, etc? made out: 4 cheek: 8
51% : off the kissing subject already... did you ever have a filling? no
52% : if so, how many? 0
53% : how many cavities? 0
54% : are you a lipgloss addict? yep
55% : how about chapstick? yep yep
56% : do you like the dentist? no its gross going there
57% : do you have all four wisdom teeth? i dunno
58% : ever have any teeth pulled? one
59% : how about a root canal? no
60% : go to a mirror and count how many teeth you have. how many? lol im too lazy
61% : did you lose all your baby teeth yet? i have one more
62% : if not, how many to go? 1
63% : what was the last thing you ate? aroz con pollo
64% : current taste? pollo tropical
65% : do you bite? lol it depends, as in make out play? sometimes lol
66% : how often do you snap at people? when they treat me like shit
67% : are your teeth straight? ya
68% : can you flip you tongue over? yep
69% : can you snap your tongue really loud? not lyk Vince
70% : can you pop your lips? yep
»» nose
1% : is your nose pierced? nope
2% : do you like pierced noses? NO TOTAL TURN OFF lol
3% : current scent? my room scent...not pretty
4% : no coke sniffing, right? naw, just pixy stix
5% : what about pixi stix up the nose ever? umm...well there was this really funny story about...
6% : do you hold your nose to swim? noo thats gay lol
7% : can you flare your nostrials? uhh ya...but i hate when ppl do it
8% : do you have freckles on the bridge of your nose? nope
9% : do you think your nose is big or small? its an ok nose
10% : do you pick it sometimes? (be honest): ......
11% : do you push your nose to keep your balance?uh..no?
12% : what's the worst scent? my bro and my sis farts...
13% : what's the best scent? rosemary
14% : what deodorent do you use? secret
15% : what's your favorite cologne? axe
16% : what's your favorite perfume? ghost
17% : what do you use? ghost
18% : does scent matter in the opposite sex (not as in they shower or not but their cologne or perfume)? not really unless they smell bad
19% : do you blow your nose in public? yeah..if i have to i have to..
20% : look around. find a random thing and and smell it. describe it's scent. and then say what it was: it smelled good, lol it was a rose
»» touch
1% : what does you keyboard feel like? um...flat square boxes.
2% : what's the best feeling in the world (emotionally)? laughing ur ass off, and tancredi complimenting me
3% : what's the best feeling in the world (physically)? hehehehe........
4% : what's the worst feeling in the world (emotionally)? lonliness...and knowing he will never see me for me once we meet.
5% : what's the worst feeling in the world (physically)? getting ur ass kicked
6% : what do your feet feel like at the moment? uhhh feety?
7% : what do you hands feel like at the moment? normal
8% : what does your head feel like at the moment? pretty normally
9% : what does your bladder feel like, especially after this? GTG PEEEE
10% : what do your legs feel like at the moment? lyk legs..
11% : what do your shoulders and arms feel like at the moment? lyk shoulders
12% : what does your butt feel like at the moment? lyk a butt should feel..*fart*......
13% : what does your neck feel like at the moment? lyk a neck
14% : are you cold? hellz no, this is MIAMI!
15% : are you comfortable? yeah
16% : where are you? my room
17% : who was the last person you hugged? My doggie
18% : who was the last person that pushed you? my bro
19% : who was the last person that you pushed? my bro
20% : when was the last time you fell over? today
21% : does music calm you and your nerves? yep most of the time unless its depressing
22% : if not, then what makes you chill? music, and talking to certain people
23% : what stresses you out? school, certain people...tancredi
24% : when was the last time you touched a doorknob? when i came in my room
25% : do you crack your knuckles? ya
26% : what's your current emotion? im okay, i promise -crys-
27% : ever think you were in love? i kno i AM in love
28% : how many times have you fallen for the opposite sex? too many times
29% : what's the worst season (in feeling wise of course)? winter, cold, depressing...and u never want to get out of bed
30% : how do you feel now, after that long survey? it was way too long..im sort of annoyed that it took this much time out of my life..lol..but im bored as fuck so to hell with it!

CALL ME BABY! lol! ask me for my numba! http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y2/audreylafreek/fsbut5.gif